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Welcome to the Eco-Therm® Toolbox

Free U Value Calculator and Product Selector

We are pleased to offer you a free U Value Calculator to assist you to easily calculate thermal insulation values. We are also pleased to offer a free selector which will assist in choosing the correct EcoTherm® material. If this is your first visit to the EcoTherm® Toolbox please register your details below and this will automatically generate a login for you. Registration and use of all Toolbox tools are free to EcoTherm® customers and are designed for easy selection of EcoTherm® insulation products. Here you will find easy to use tools that will enable you to:

 - Select the right product
 - Calculate U-Values for a project
 - Get the correct product thickness to meet regulations
 - Find in-depth technical information in plain English
The calculations generated by this system are for guidance purposes only but you can submit your specification for approval to EcoTherm® technical department using this system. Please also contact technical@ecotherm.co.uk via email, or telephone the Technical Team on 01702 520166, for free technical advice on certified U-values and advice that meets UK Building Regulations. We are happy to assist you with any building project and offer fair free advice in selecting the correct insulation material from the EcoTherm® range of insulation products.